Gaye James

My name is Gaye James. My story started in the small town of Troy, Ohio, but it didn’t end there. Within my childhood years, we moved seven times. At one point, I was even a cowgirl. Ok, maybe not a real cowgirl, but I did live out west and I saw a cow.

Entering adulthood, I fulfilled my first dream in life … to be a mother. My two boys are my everything, even now after joining me in adulthood. Of course, my husband is no less important. He is my biggest fan and cheerleader.

I’ve written a book about my struggles with raising a child with Selective Mutism called Living Beyond the Silence. Now, my second book is almost ready to be born; Finding Your Voice. This book focuses on the strategies for overcoming selective mutism. It’s intended to help children, teenagers, and adults suffering with the anxiety disorder.

Writing is not my only passion. I am also licensed in physical therapy and am a lifestyle coach for Premier Community Health. Helping people is who I am.