Bravery can be found in small packages …

Something funny happened yesterday. I had a furry visitor on my back-window ledge. He seemed to be begging for something yummy to eat, so I dug into my cupboard and found a few pecans. Of course, he ran off the moment I opened the window. But I placed the nuts on the ledge then waited. It only took the little guy a moment to find his bravery, face his fears, and come back for the goods.

With my phone in hand, I snapped his picture during his feast. The image that came across my screen was priceless! I just had to share it with you. It’ll definitely bring a smile to your face, no matter what your mood.

Furry visitor:

If he had not found the courage to overcome fear, he never would have reached the nut prize, and I wouldn’t have captured an amazing picture. The possibilities for those struggling with selective mutism are also incredible. Who knows what can be accomplished once fear is overcome?

Spreading awareness of selective mutism by posting on social media or using word-of-mouth is the first step in battling this anxiety. Help be the voice of this speech-paralyzing disorder.

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