Update on book status

Many of you might already be aware of the book I’ve been writing telling my story about raising a child through Selective Mutism. It’s called: Living Beyond the Silence (subtitle: Learning to Overcome Selective Mutism, Severe Shyness, and other Childhood Anxieties).

My manuscript is written (enter excited screams here … woohoo!!). I am in the process of acquiring endorsements and seeking out a possible foreword.

My son, Trevor Cox, the star of the show has created an amazing book cover art. Tears formed in my eyes the moment I opened the email displaying his creation. He truly captured the emotional journey of a child battling the speech paralyzing disorder of Selective Mutism. You will be blown away!

Right now, I am praying for a September publishing date. I’d love to have this book out there and ready to present to the world before October, which is Selective Mutism Awareness month. If you’re inclined to pray, I’d appreciate your positive thoughts that all goes as planned. In this uncertain world of Covid 19, who knows what obstacles may arise? I promise to keep you updated. And the members of my Silent Tribe will be informed first of possible pre-release information. If you haven’t subscribed yet, do so now. It’s free, just enter your email on the home page.

UPDATE 7-30-20: Looks like there’s a delay in the book printing industry due to Covid, so my book won’t be ready to hit the public until end of October. I’m now shooting for a launch date of Oct. 28th, 2020. But I’m not letting the later date get me down. No sirree. I’m going to engage with the public every single day in October to help spread awareness of selective mutism. With knowledge, there is hope!

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